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Individual Finance: individual Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you container develop a disguise of Rs. 15 lakhs

 Individual Finance: individual Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you container develop a disguise of Rs. 15 lakhs

Any mortal or important injury tin furthermore comprise dangerous profitable consequences. accordingly you call for such assurance cover

It’s straightforward to imagine that zero will endlessly take place to me, but tragedy and injury preserve go on at any time

It's laid-back to suppose that naught will constantly occur to me, but accidents and injuries bottle materialize at any time. This bottle get a long-term achieve on you. hence it is critical to ponder about I'm sorry? will occur to you and your family if you give birth to a significant accident. As such, any important or powerful injury tin be winning to staid money-making consequences. It is for that reason advisable to contain out delicate bump cover to escape any such situation.

individual Accident Cover is a profit procedure that gives you contain against the threat of murder or disability correct to an accident. An bump be capable of initiate fulfilled or prejudiced disability. This be able to go ahead to fiscal harms for your family members. In such a glasses case being assurance plan does not make available coverage. A health assurance guiding principle single covers the outlay of hospitalization.

An accident cover policy protects you

A not public mistake rule protects you against emergencies. This certificate is to a great extent cheaper. At a premium of Rs 1 apiece day, you be capable of develop a comprise of Rs 15 lakh. It is untaken on an twelve-monthly basis. It does not should to be renewed every year. In addition, its coverage starts from the firstly day without any ahead of you period.

What this statement in point of fact covers

In the affair of a disability or loss awaited to an accident, not public smash up shield provides economic assistance to you and your family members. No feeling in influential you at the present - I don't wanna ruin the suprise. The rate of a minor-league industrial accident such as a path mishap or declining off a bicycle or a break in the furnish or a splinter in the bottom although live football is roofed in this policy.

Coverage is the largely important

This coverage is nearly all of great consequence for setting such as unintended end and whole disability (in the formula of blackout or paralysis). You be supposed to not dispense with the likelihood of impermanent disability, which preserve raid you of your ordinary income. Choosing this top at a small outlay is a clever fiscal investment to save from harm your family from the crises that get here later.

The procedure comes with globe varied coverage


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The individual misfortune guidelines comes with globe large coverage. These rope in chubby undying disability with death, eternal part disability, Adventure Sports Benefit, for children learning Benefit, breakage Care, EMI Payment and finance save from harm Cover.

JanDhan Bank account holders can do this quickly, otherwise there could be a loss of Rs 1.30 lakh

 JanDhan Bank account holders can do this quickly, otherwise there could be a loss of Rs 1.30 lakh

In Jandhan account, customers are given a debit card in the form of Rs.  This benefit is only available if you have linked your bank account to Aadhaar.

New Delhi: Jan Dhan account facility is being provided to the people of the country by the Central Government.  If you also open such an account (Bank account) then you get many types of facilities.  But if you want to take advantage of insurance, you need to link your bank account with Aadhaar card.  If you do not link your bank account with the Aadhaar card, you could lose Rs 1.30 lakh directly.

 In this account, customers are given a debit card in the form of Rs. 1 lakh, which includes accident insurance.  This benefit is only available if you have linked your bank account to Aadhaar.  This means that not linking to Aadhaar will directly cost you one lakh rupees.  In addition, an accidental death cover of Rs 30,000 will be available on this account only if the account is linked to the Aadhaar card.  So if you have also opened a Jandhan account, you should link it with Aadhaar card.

 You can link your Aadhaar card by visiting your bank.  You have to take a photocopy of Aadhaar card and passbook to the bank.  Many banks are linking Aadhaar card with account with just one message.  State Bank of India customers can link Aadhaar to their bank account by typing UID <space> Aadhaar number <space> account number from their registered mobile number and sending it to 567676.  Remember to send SMS from the same number that is registered with the bank.  You can also do this by going to the nearest ATM.


 Five thousand overdraft facility

 Customers also get an overdraft facility of Rs 5,000 on Pradhan Mantri Jandhan account.  You also need to have an Aadhaar card to avail the overdraft facility.  It is also required to have Aadhaar card link with PMJDY.  The objective of this scheme is to open a bank account for every family.  Under Jandhan Yojana you can also open an account for a child below 10 years of age.

 Benefits of this account:

 >> Overdraft facility after six months

 >> Accident insurance protection up to Rs 2 lakh

 >> Life insurance of Rs. 30,000, which is available on completion of proper condition on death of the beneficiary

 >> Interest is earned on the deposit

 >> Free mobile banking facility with account

 >> Debit card is available on opening Jandhan account.  From which money can be withdrawn and also purchased

 >> It is easy to buy insurance, pension products from Jandhan account

વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ સમાચાર ગુજરાતીમા 

 >> Facility to transfer money across the country

 >> Benefits of government scheme are deposited directly in the bank

School News Report about MASS PRAMOTION


School News Report about MASS PRAMOTION




The decision to start school-college in Gujarat from November 23 has been postponed due to increasing transition of corona

Due to the prevailing situation in Corona, the decision of the state government to start schools and colleges in Gujarat from November 23 has been postponed for the time being.

Ahmedabad This time the program changed due to Corona.  The Gujarat government wants to extend the academic session after Diwali.  Under normal circumstances the first session starts in the month of June and lasts for 105 days.  The session ends with a 21-day Diwali vacation.  Normally a 21-day vacation starts two to three days before Diwali and ends around Devadivali, but this time the schedule has changed due to Corona.  The next session will be reimbursed in the second session.
The next session will be reimbursed in the second session. The second session will be 150 to 155 days, as the time wasted in the next session can be reimbursed.  The schools will open at the end of November, which means that the next five months will mean the end of May.  The government is preparing to invite students from Std 9 to Std 12 to school after Diwali vacation.  This year, Diwali vacation in Gujarat schools has been held two weeks early from October 29 to November 18.

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અમારી નવી અપડેટ મેળવવા whatsapp ગ્રૂઓ જોઈન કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

From the very beginning, the parents were angry about starting school

The government's decision to start schools in Gujarat from November 23 had already sparked outrage among parents and guardians. The All Gujarat Board of Governors (AVB) demanded the withdrawal of the decision to start schools and expressed support for the November 23 school closure announcement.

અહીંથી ગુજરાતીમાં સમાચાર વાંચો

Who called Bhupendrasinh in the current press conference?

Earlier, the education minister was holding a press conference on November 23 to open school colleges. Then the phone of the education minister rang in the ongoing conference. There is a lot of debate about who owns this phone. Normally no minister or official receives a phone call during an ongoing press conference. There are rumors that Bhupendrasinh received a call from the Chief Minister's Office during a conversation with reporters.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Get A Old Land Record In Just Minutes @anyror gujarat gov in

 Get A Old Land Record In Just Minutes @anyror gujarat gov in Any ROR Gujarat or Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat is a software application designed to help any citizen of Gujarat by providing information pertaining to land records. The primary objective of this online portal is to give you access (only if you are a citizen of Gujarat) to your land details, land owner’s name, and more, through 7/12 Utara—an extract of the land register or records maintained by the governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

AnyROR is the online website that will have the Land Records available anywhere. National Informatics Centre develops the software system with the Revenue Department of Gujarat. Officials regularly update land records of the state in the online web portal. AnyROR documents show the complete information about the land ownership, survey number of rural and urban areas of the country. These documents will help in the land transactions process. As this is the online process, you can check information from anywhere using the document details.


Launched by the Revenue Department of NIC (National Informatics Centre), the software covers 26 districts and 225 talukas of the state of Gujarat.

Requirements of AnyROR Record

  1. The ROR land details used for many purposes they are like
  2. Check ownership of land
  3. It is an important document during the registration
  4. ROR is used to get loans from the bank
  5. Land records are helpful to verify the owner during land sale
  6. Division of land among the family members


Types Of AnyROR Anywhere 7/12

There are four types of AnyROR which are available and here are the kinds of AnyROR 7/12

VF7: Village Form 7, also called as 7/12 or Satbara Utara form. We get the land details like ownership of land, boja, and other information from VF7 form.

VF 8A: Village Form 8A contains the Khata Details. It has complete information about the Khata Number and owner details.

VF6: Village Form 6 is the register taken care by Talati or Village Accountant to integrate day to day changes in land records. With this, you can check any changes in the details.

135D: 135 D is a mutation notice that is prepared by Talati when we apply for the mutation. It is given to Khatedars concerned parties and any other for any objections.

Benefits of Any ROR Gujarat Land Records

Many benefits will help the landowners in their registration process.

  1. AnyROR will decrease the chance of false registration
  2. No need to visit the offices for the land records every time
  3. All the land records are available in the online portal
  4. Access the details with simple information.
  5. Survey number, land type, transactions, crop details are available.

What is E-Dhara

E-Dhara is the government office located at every Taluka Mamlatdar office. It maintains the land administration of the state. The system has the computerised ROR account that consists of

  • Digitalized ROR from the authorised counter in Taluka Office
  • Receiving mutation application online and update them immediately.

 How To Get Certified Computerized Copy Gujarat Land Record

  1. To get the computerised copy of VF7/12/VF 8A or VF 6, you need to follow the steps as given below section
  2. First, visit the nearest e-Dhara Kendra available at the local Taluka Mamlatdar office.
  3. Here, request for the ROR print and you should have survey number, owner name, Khata Number.
  4. The office will confirm your details and give the print of 7/12 or 8 A village form.
  5. You need to pay the fare of 15 Rupees to the officer for the ROR form.
Importance of Gujarat Records of Rights
  1. Protects the rights of the owner of the land
  2. Helps to get a loan from a bank
  3. Court demands land records proof in case any dispute arises
  4. A certified copy of records of rights protects you from illegal land acquisitions or grabbing
Uses of Gujarat Records of Rights
  1. Can be used to check the ownership of the land
  2. Can be used to get access to information pertaining to the land
  3. Works as a vital document during the land sale
  4. Can be used by farmers as a document while getting a loan from the bank
  5. During the land sale, the land records can be used by the buyer can verify or check the revenue records of the land through land records

How to Check Land Records Survey No Urban

  1. Visit the website of AnyROR Gujarat in the browser.
  2. Click on View Land Records-Urban from the home page of the site.
  3. Select from the options according to the requirement of the details available on the website.
  4. Choose the District, and City Survey Office form drop list given in the text space on the page.
  5. Also, enter the ward, survey No, Sheet No from the list. All this information is available on the website.
  6. Enter the text given in the yellow background in the text space for the security purpose.
  7. Tap on “Get Detail” button on the page that will display the results on the page.
Type of Land Records
  1. VF6 or Village Form 6
  2. VF7 or Village Form 7
  3. VF8A or Village Form 8A
  • Get A Old Land Record In Just Minutes @anyror Gujarat gov in
  • Gujarati Video Tutorial For How to Get A Old Land Record In Just Minutes @anyror gujarat gov in
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Any ROR App Download

We can use the 7/12 Satbara Utara Gujarat App that will help you check the land records using your mobile phone. It has an easy user interface and also occupies very less space. The Anyror 7/12 Satbara App is available in their App stores, respectively





Adding opening balance * Step details based on PFMS software Login based on 1 MAKER ID username and password.  2 Select My Funds on the home page of MY FUNDS Maker ID.  OPENING BALENCE Selecting on the opening balance.  ADD OPENING 4 Selecting on ADD OPENING BALANCE.  BALENCE 5 SCHEME GJig8 Selecting the scheme.  Selecting a bank account from the BANK ACCOUNT list box.  OPENING 7 Adding the amount of opening balance.  BALENCE OPENING 8 Adding the date of opening balance.  Selecting BALENCE TRANSACTION 9 BULK.  TYPE 10 SAVE Click on save button.  Approve the above saved opening balance by going to the checker account as follows.  al * Approve opening balance in War account Pfms Useful Info..


marks G Google - Video Search.  1 ADDRESS 2 2 CITY ADDRESS 3 PIN CODE MOBILE NO.  .  --- 8 9 10 11 Details Login based on username and password.  Click on Masters.  Click on Vendors.  Click on Add New.  Write the full name as per the vendor's passbook.  Write the address according to the passbook. Pfms Useful Info..Write the address according to the passbook.  Write the name of the city / village.  Write the address according to the passbook.  City) Write the pin code of the village.  Enter the vendor's mobile number.  Write the name of the vendor's bank.  (And press TAB KEY.) Write the name of the city / village of the vendor's bank branch.  Select the vendor's bank branch from the check box.  Write down Winder's Pfms Useful Info.. bank account number.  Click on Add Back Detail.  Click on the Save button.  Standard BANK NAME 13 14 15 16 17 BRANCH  Pfms Useful Info.



MAP VENDOR registered by someone else * Sequence Details 1 2 3 Steps based on PFMS software MAKER ID MASTERS VENDORS MANAGE I SEARCH CRITERIA 5 Login based on username and password.  Click on Masters.  Click on Vendors.  Click on Manage. Pfms Useful Info..ES Gita Hiel VENDOR NOT MAPPED WITH Search if any vendor has unique code.  Search if there is a vendor's account number.  Clicking on the search button.  Select the check box and select MAP VENDOR.  6 7 UNIQUE CODE ACCOUNT NUMBER SEARCH 8 9 MAP VENDOR 


PFMS Basic Info


MAKER ID.  EXPENEDITURE ADD NEW SCHEME BANK ACCOUNT EXPENEDITURE DONE FOR Login based on username and password.  Crack on a penny.  Click on one to Nile.  Select Veer Mor Pumpy School Account, VENDOR D Select.  Write down the cost details.  6 7 LETTER / OFFICE ORDER NO.  SECTION DATE Select the date of the bill voucher.  ACTUAL TRANSACTION DATE Select the date Pfms Useful Info.. of the bill / Uchar.  10 TOTAL AVAILABLE AMOUNT TOTAL AMOUNT NARRATION SELECT SCHEME COMPONENT 1 12 The account balance will be shown automatically.  Write the amount of bills / voucher expenses.  BILL DETAILS D- ANNUAL GRANT / Pfms Useful Info.. D - .02 SCHOOL GRANT I REVENUE TIRTH PASSUCH oo 14 15 16 EXPENCE TYPE PERCENTAGE ADD 17 SAVE, 18 Pfms Useful Info..19 INSTRUMENT TYPE ADD NARRATION FOR PASSBOK.  Click on the external level and click on the suvir button to write the details of the click bill on Mir, E - PAYMENT USING PRINT ADVICE.  Click on Karma Submit Core Approval P, P, Submit 20 21 CONFIRM SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL Sujay


Saturday, April 10, 2021

Government Jobs: DSRVS invites applications for 138 posts of Block Program Supervisor, can be applied online till April 15

 Government Jobs: DSRVS invites applications for 138 posts of Block Program Supervisor, can be applied online till April 15

  • Government Jobs: DSRVS invites applications for 138 posts of Block Program Supervisor, can be applied online till April 15
  • Candidates for these posts are required to have graduated
  • The selected candidate will get a salary ranging from Rs 20,600 to Rs 32,800 per month

DSRVS (Institute of Digital Education and Employment

Development) has issued notification for recruitment to 138 posts of Block Program Supervisor. Graduate candidates for these posts will be able to apply till April 15.


Candidates applying for the posts of Block Program Supervisor should have graduated from a government authorized university or institute.

Age limit

The age of the applicant applying for the post should not be more than 18 years and maximum 37 years on August 1, 2021. There are some concessions in the age limit for the candidates in the reserve category.

Important Dates

Online application Start Date: March 10

Last date to Apply: 15th April


Applicant selected for the posts of Block Program Supervisor will get salary ranging from Rs. 20,600 to Rs. 32,800 per month.

Advertisement: Click Here
Apply Online : Click Here


How to Apply ?

You can apply by going to the official website of DSRVS and clicking on the advertisement link. Please read the notification carefully before applying. If there is an error in the application, your application will be rejected.

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Individual Finance: individual Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you container develop a disguise of Rs. 15 lakhs

  Individual Finance: individual Accident Cover - At a premium of Rs. 1 per day, you container develop a disguise of Rs. 15 lakhs Any mortal...

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