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Saturday, June 29, 2019

These five ways adopted for Aadhar card security

These five ways adopted for Aadhar card security

how to protect online card online in hindi How do I get a security card? How to lock and unlock biometrics Data in Aadhar card?

Have you ever thought that your base card could be hacked? Now keep in mind that your Aadhar card is not just a identity card - proof. Government of India has linked several schemes to Aadhaar card. Aadhar card has been made compulsory for India.

You may use your Aadhar card online and you may not even know it. Remember, if your aadhar card data stole, then your bank account can have a paise debit. You do not know and your bank account will be empty. Because now all the bank accounts are linked to aadhaar card. has gone. Not only this, online payment has also been made available from aadhar card. Therefore it is necessary to follow the aadhar card security tips.

Everybody has Aadhar Card in today's time. There are several things like taking a new SIMcard through Aadhar card, doing onlinepayment. This biometric based system is being compulsory for every other scheme. Let us know that the Aadhaar card has also been used for services such as passport, voter id, ration card etc.

According to some reports, efforts are being made to steal Aadhar card data. By the way, there can be no dent in the UIDAI database of the base. Personal data of people with UIDAI is absolutely secure. But now the Aadhaar card is being required for online payments. In such a way, the sight of anti-social elements on Biometrics data is always going to be maintained. This is why we are going to tell you a few ways to keep the data of Aadhar card safe.

Security card security?

All DaTa of Aadhaar is safe with UIDAI Database - Government of India. But now the task of keeping Aadhar card security has come to us too. Now we will have to follow some security tips whenever we use the Aadhar card. Because nowadhar card is used to be used online.

These 5 ways adopted for Aadhar Card Security

1. Do Not Share Information

When you share the information of aadhar card online anywhere, there is a danger bell for Aadhaar card security. So think of sleep times before sharing your aadhar card or its print copy with anyone. Never put Aadhar card images on social media websites such as facebook, google plus, whatsapp

Keep in mind that no institute and bank ever ask you for your personal information. If you ever have a phone or email to share information related to Aadhaar card, you should never share your base data.

2. Do not give Aadhar card PhotoCopy

Many times we keep the Aadhar card in the form of an address proof or an identity card. Nowadays, the Aadhar card photo copy can be dangerous everywhere. The only card for which the Aadhar card is sought is to present the Aadhaar card. For the Aadhar Card Security, definitely without giving a message to the adhar card, xerox copy should not be given to anyone.

Photocopy of Aadhaar card can prove to be extremely dangerous to everyone.

Someone could misuse your Aadhaar's Photocopy.

If you are giving someone a photocopy, then write it down and write down what work it is being given for copy.

3. Lock Aadhaar Biometric data online in hindi

When you build the Aadhar card, during this time you share your fingerprint and retina scan data with the government. This is called biometric data. It is used by online payment and where ID proof - Document is definitely. If your Aadhar card is not locked in the lock then anyone can use it by hacking it.

There are many people who have not used their Aadhaar card for several days. Such people have been informed through UIDAI through email that their data has been accessed through biometric authentication. To avoid this situation, people have to lock their biometric information by visiting the UIDAI server. Aadhar Card is required for Security. It is necessary to do this.

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1. Visit UIDAI's website.
2. Enter the Aadhar number with number 12.
3. After this, write the security code that appears on the photo being seen under the base number.
4. Now click on Generate Otp.
5. After this, the One Time Password - OTP - will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. Then type OTP on the same page.
6. Click Verify
7. Now check Enabled Biometric Locking.
8. After checking Enabled Biometric Locking, click Enabled.
9. If you want to disable Lock, uncheck Enabled Biometric Locking. Disable it again.

4. Use Bio metrics data Thoughtfully

It is possible that when buying Reiance Jio SIM, you may have shared your thumb mark with a scanner. In future, arrangements based on Aadhar Card will be arranged in such other places as well as Fingerprint scan. If you are not completely convinced of any scanner, then we would suggest that for Aadhar Card Security, you do not have a thumb impression.

5. Lost Aadhar Card? What is the reason?

For Aadhar Card Security,

First of all go to the nearest police station and file an FIR.

Let us know that Aadhar Card is created only once.

If you lose it, you will not need to re-apply the application. You can find the New Aadhar Card by visiting the UIADI website. Or you can go to a base center and create a new duplicate aadhar card.

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