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Sunday, August 11, 2019

From 15th August farmers will get the pension of 3000 in the month

From 15th August farmers will get the pension of 3000 in the month

Modi govt to add five crore beneficiaries in first 3 years farmers pension scheme from 5 PM: govt will bear annual.The contribution of 100 Modi government will now launch a pension scheme for farmers from August 5. The draft of the scheme has been finalized.
Senior functionaries of the ministry of agriculture have joined the ministry of finance. According to sources, prime minister narendra modi will launch farmer pension scheme on 3 August. The secretary of agriculture has written to the states and directed them to devise a mechanism for implementing the scheme. Under this scheme, lic will manage the pension fund of farmers. Under the scheme, there is a provision for grant of pension of rs to farmers.
It is noteworthy that the scheme would add to the burden of rs. If the person joining the scheme has 5 years of age, he has to pay rs. If he is less than 2, then the contribution amount will be less and if the age is higher, the contribution amount will increase. According to sources, a three-year-old farmer can apply for Aquila to join the scheme. The farmers were given rs Five per month. After the age of 4 years, he will get 1 pension per month. The scheme will be fully voluntary for the farmers. About half of the contribution will be paid by the farmers and the government. Its registration will start from next week
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