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Saturday, August 31, 2019

SHIXAK rajinamu pachu lidhu

SHIXAK rajinamu pachu lidhu

Hello friends Friends Primary education is currently being spread for the most difficult process within primary education The state Department of Education and Education has been experimenting with many new experiments within primary education, such as online education online training, online attendance, online work, and more.  www.easytechmasterji.blogspot.com

Other Operations BLO's Work Election Operations Other Operations There are many jobs  There are many teachers in the Primary and Secondary Education departments who are happy to find that after receiving many presentations to the Education Department and the Director, they have not taken any concrete steps in this regard.  There are many teachers who do not even have a smartphone and many teachers who have a smartphone  Such teachers are having a lot of difficulty in doing such a variety of activities during the day that they do not like doing yoga. Also,

if anything goes wrong in this activity, then there is a recent shocking news coming in.  This is news that will make you very sad and surprised to know that recently a school principal has done  Due to the difficulty of performing such activities, the District Primary Education Officer has submitted his voluntary resignation and today he has given you his application for rejection. He has shown his reason for resignation.
  My humble request is to the Minister of Primary Education Department as well as the Director  Take care of this matter as soon as soon as the matter has been resolved ..

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