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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

5 percentage Dearness Allowance News Report

5 percentage Dearness Allowance News Report

Good news is coming out for central government employees. According to sources, the center could announce the increase in inflation allowance (DA) for its employees tomorrow. It is likely that the proposed Union Cabinet will decide on this at a meeting tomorrow. In a Cabinet meeting, Jammu and Kashmir can also announce a raise for DA for central employees, in addition to discussing several other issues, including Kannidai Lakiyu Akila. DA will have a 5 percent increase in Kannidai Lakia and currently 3 percent will be increased to 8 percent. With this increase, the employees will be given Rs. Will increase in between. This inflation allowance kicks off from 1st July, July 1st. According to Consumer Price Index data for the months between January 3, inflation allowance is set to increase by 5 percent. In January, Kannidai Lakia's DA stood at 8.9 percent for June, compared to 5.7 percent in June. The government increased the DA by 3 percent due to December figures being lower. The government is not ready to make any decision on the increase in the minimum wage and the fitment factor. This DA increase will be important for employees during Ganeshotsav and upcoming festivals. Pensioners will also get the added benefit of this DA. There are an equal number of pensioners in the country, with about 4 million employees.


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