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Monday, September 16, 2019

Your Bank Account Safe With This Tips

Your Bank Account Safe With This Tips

Bank accounts without OTP May be empty,Learn how to avoid fraud:

With the increase in the number of digital payments, the issue of money laundering from the bank account is also increasing.

In this era of technology, attempts are made to protect money transactions by the OTP, but fraudsters use the technique in which the holder does not get the OTP and withdraw money from his account.

Today you will find information on how to avoid such fraud :
  • If a debit card is lost or stolen and it comes in the hands of the wrong person, it can easily swap your account.
  • By doing this, OTP will not be included in your registered number. The reason is also the Internet.
  • Currently, many websites are active in which a user can buy without an OTP. You only have to pay a debit card number and CVV number on this website. To do this, money is deducted from your account.

  • People who betray us online can use the information provided on this website. If you're buying this way, now make sure your account is safe from these tips.  
Keep your bank account safe with these tips:

To avoid fraud, turn it on if international transactions are active on the first international debit or credit card.

This can be done only by calling the bank's consumer care number.

If the card is lost, immediately report it to the bank and close all transactions. This task can be easily done online

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