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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Secret And New Information About Mobile.

Secret And New Information About Mobile.

Mobile No Tamam Secret Jankari And Secret Facts About Mobile.
Secret information about mobile… ..and its facts…. Haven't come up against this…

Mobile has become a special and invaluable part of our lives for the past few years. Because nowadays the closest person to a person is a mobile. There is no other man more intimate with him than he is today. We can go anywhere, but our mobile phones are constantly near and with us. So today we will tell you a little about mobile in this article that most people do not know about. So the information we tell you today will be very interesting. So here are some mobile facts in this article. Who have never come up against this.

There was a time when people exchanged messages through pigeons. Then slowly doing in the post. Shortly afterwards, on March 10, 1976, Graham Bell, along with his colleague Tomas Watson, searched the telephone. Who was walking on the cable. Many years after that the first telephone went public. Which was created in the US in 1947 and was developed in the 1950's. But only the army could use that phone.

A few years later, in 1973, an American engineer, Martyn Cooper, created the first mobile phone. Which even ordinary people can use. Martin made the phone with the Motorola company and at that time the weight of the phone was 2kg. When the first phone came in, the phone was used to receive the call when it was called. No other feature was available on that mobile phone. It didn't even have a SIM card. Then in 1987, for the first time in 1987, GSM was used with the help of digital technology within mobile. SMS facility was first made available in the year 1992 and was first launched in the UK by message.

The first connection to the world began in 2003 with the launch of 3G connections. Until then the speed of the Internet had not come at all. Nepal was the first country in the world to use 3G service for the first time. Then in 2007, the first iPhone came out in front of the world and the first Android phone in the name of T-Mobile G1. Since then many different smartphones of different companies have come up against and still today they are found in the mobile phones market of the new company.

History of how mobile phones came to India Although the first phone in the world came out in 1973, the first mobile phone in India came out in 1995. Modi Telstra was the first mobile phone service available in India. The first mobile call in India was made by Jyoti Basu from Calcutta on July 31, 1995 to the then Union Minister of State, Sukhram. Subsequently, former West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu started the service of Modi Telstra's mobile net in Kolkata.

The year before the launch of the mobile phone in India, in 1994, the world's first smart phone was launched in 1994, named IBM Simon and the phone was made by IBM and US phone company Belself. At that time the company was kept at $ 900. The phone was a touch screen at the time and all the features of the touch screen were available. But still the phone did not go to market and after the production of about 50000 phones, the company stopped production. Since then, many companies have made smart phones and are constantly coming up with new updates. And smart phones of all of us have so much convenience today that we don't even need computers in some work today. But first of all, if anyone has given a smart phone with full convenience then IBM company.

So friends, this was the history of mobiles and smart phones, but now we will tell you what is wrong with smart phones. Friends nowadays, smart phones have become a part of our lives. But if someone were asked to explain the benefits of a smart phone, then people would tell the benefits of it numerous. But very few people know if he is asked to report the loss of a smart phone. So today we will tell you the loss.

The first disadvantage is the radiation emitted from the smart phone. Many reactors have found that radiation from mobile phones is very harmful to health. This increases the risk of cancer and heart attack. If the smartphone is used late at night, the problem of sleeplessness increases. This has a very bad effect on our minds. Because of this, our minds are constantly forgetting what is needed and some unnecessary things are missing. Which activates our nervous system. Because of this we are often upset. That is why you should never use a smart phone until late at night.

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