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Saturday, December 14, 2019

If someone Track Your No., Know using this 4 codesread report

If someone Track Your No., Know using this 4 codesread report

Signs and signals communicate instantly; thus, they become very useful in communicating simple

et important ideas. Traffic signs must instantly convey information to the drivers about what lies
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head on the way-a petrol/fuel station, an eating joint, an auto garage, diversion, bump, four-lane
Dr two-lane signs, tall-bridge and a host of other signs. Words cannot be as quick as signs. When
nstant decisions have to be taken, signs and symbols are the most effective method. Business
organisations also try to create signs and symbols of their products through advertisements- for
example, if we raise our thumb and close the rest of the fingers, instantly everyone understands that
it is the symbol for the popular soft drink - Thums Up!
A sign is a mark used as a representation of something; for example, +for "plus", xfor "multiply",
skull and cross-bones for "danger". A sign is mostly visual and has a fixed meaning. A signal is a
previously agreed upon movement which serves to warn, direct or command; for example, switching
on a green light or the waving of a green flag is automatically a signal to go ahead, and the coming on
of red light instantly makes us stop.
Previous knowledge and a certain amount of conditioning are required for an individual to respond
to signs and signals; but once this is done, the response is a reflex action. For example, while driving,
we do not consciously think about applying brakes on seeing a red light

about enemy air-raids; sirens are uscd in factorics to warn of fire or accident; and they are also used
by police vehicles. Whistles are used by the police and uhe army to call members and convey different
instructions. Trains and ships use whistles as
while driving, Bells and buzzers are used to indicate lhe beginning and the end of work periods; bells
are also used by Managers to call in the junior staff. Bells are also used by special vehicles like the
fire engine and the ambulance as a warning for other velhicles to give way. A pleasant sounding bell
is associated with place of worship.
Tunes are often used as an identification mark. Programmes on the radio and the TV are
signal for departure and warning. All vehicles use homs
introducted with a signature tune; cell-phones in our modern times have a host of tunes, both caller

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