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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Important Material for standard 1 to 5 Teacher

Important Material for standard 1 to 5 Teacher

The state education department has decided to start the academic session from April 20. The Gujarat Board has 
assigned the responsibility to the District Education Officer to implement the new system. The district education
 officer has issued a circular to the schools and ordered them to start the teaching session from April. Self-reliant school operators are confused about this order. Op
position to this new edict has also started like the edict of Navratri vacation.

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Gujarat Education Department is making changes in its syllabus on CBSE pattern these days. It started with 10th and 12th syllabus and exams. Later CBSE course was also included in 9th and 11th courses. The syllabus from class 1 to 8 has also been made in line with CBSE. According to the books of NCERT, Gujarat Board took separate board examination of 10th class students. This project was started from Surat and when the experiment was successful, it was also implemented in other schools of the state.

On the lines of CBSE, Gujarat Education Department has now started the exercise of organizing its academic session. Under this, the board has decided to start a new education session in April. Under this, there will be a vacation after four weeks of teaching work on the lines of CBSE.
The Gujarat Education Department has ordered the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education to implement this arrangement. Gujarat Board has prepared a circular to this effect and handed over the responsibility of implementation to the District Education Officer. As soon as the circular is received, the district education officer has sent it to the schools. It has ordered schools to start a new education session from April.

Education plays an important role in society.  Education itself creates our knowledge, transfers it to students and promotes new knowledge. education does not take place according to the indeevidual nids of the individual, but it arises from the nids of the society in which the perseon is a member.

In a stable society, the main function of the educational sysatem is to pass on cultural heristage to new generations.  But in a changing society, its naturi varies from generation to generation and in such a society the educational sysatem should not only be taken as a cultuwral heritage, but also help the youth to preprare for change in them.  And this lays the foundation for future possibilities.

Modern educational institrutions prepare skilled people, whose scientific and technrical knowledge leads to the industrial development of the country.  Other values   like individuralism and universalist ethics etc. can also be developed through education.  Thus education can be an important tool of mrodernization.  The importance of education can be realized by the fact that all modern societies emphasize univeersalization of education and in ancient days, education was concentrated for a particular group.  But with the modernization of education, now everyone has access to education irrespeective of their caste, religion, culture and economic background.

The conclusion

The effect of modeernization can also be seen in schools.  Modern day schools are fully equeipped with technically sound equipment that helps children develop their expertise in a more explicit way.  Effective faecilities provide barrier-free means for persons with disabilities, aree free from health and environmental hazards, proevide adequate space for students and teachers, and are equipped with appropriate technology for classroom and insetructional use.

The current learnieng system requires more flexibility in classroom spaces than a classroom system.  For example, students working together in small groups may use shared spaces between claessrooms in some of the new primary schools in the district.

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