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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

June/July Home Learning Mulyankan FAQ

June/July Home Learning Mulyankan FAQ

Ghare Shikhiye book has been given by Gujarat government at home in the months of June and July.

The activities given in this book take the children home. At the end of the month the children submit the book to school. It is evaluated by teachers. But the question of evaluation among teachers is confusing.

How to evaluate the activities given in this book? How to scan QR code? Which application to use for scanning? Useful file for answering questions like what kind of forms to make.

By reading so many questions you will be able to easily evaluate the activities. You will also be able to make its online entry. A home learning book for teachers in each standard is provided with a QR code.

The learning outcome given in it is given last month. New month's study findings will be placed as the month progresses.

Important Link :

Download FAQ : From Here

Every teacher teaches friends at home the activities given in the book are done with the help of parents or with the help of elder siblings.
Every teacher experiences a lot of confusion regarding the evaluation of the activities for the month of June, July.

Guide to the Frequently Asked Questions is provided in this file. How to calculate children's grade? How to count the number of children? For Best View Please Open This Website In CHROME / OPERA Browser

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