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Sunday, September 20, 2020



'• Subject- Lessons 4, 5, 6 and 7 I can hear and understand the story, poem, description, plays, discussions, cases in the study conclusion. Can understand and draw conclusions from audio-visual aids. Can understand about 3000 words and use them practically. Can use verbatim grammar like pronunciation, punctuation, noun, noun, verb, adjective, summary writing. Can write with proper punctuation, punctuation and valid spelling. Draw appropriate conclusions from heard and read material and write answers to questions. .

Question-1) Find the correct option from the given options for answering each of the following questions, write its correct order - letter in front of the quetion. What was to be erected on a pillar twenty feet high? A] What are the 23 stores of Ganapati? Hatau? A 23 flavors in the market c! Abroad) In Maul 3) How to talk to a owl or a shopkeeper, A) Khumari to 3 Humility 3 Wala Free to 'D' Wisely 13 'Name the author of the Sridal text. A Nathalal Dave c) Dr. eye . That. Lightning 8). Santbal P) Dr. Kishore Singh Solanki 5 What is the meaning of the word 'Mooksevak'? To serve the poor c) To serve the poor and miserable E) To serve the Ganges D! What was the original name of the fb maharaj who served the dumb without any expectation? A) Ravishankar B) t Vyas) Sevak D] Maharaj * Ravishankar Maharaj did the same day. Was it 3 times? A Mafivaratri 25 Navratri. C; Uttarayan 2} Sharadpurnima B What education did Maharaj get from his father? A hard-working cute; D) Who has called Ravi Shankar Maharaj the lamp of humanity to make his dream come true? A, Dhirubhai Parikh 2) Zaverchand Meghani c} Mahendra Meghani D} Gandhiji 101 Who has heaped on the earth? | AJ Seema B) A) Kankuvarani) Raktavani: Sonavarani. DGhuvarni 12 What is the source of river water? A) Clean u) Nitarya 1 green. E Pavitra 13) The poet has used the word Karthi for the ear of Juhar, A] cluster! Dunda up C) in the sky p; What is the 11} cart in the seam called? A] of Kahalsang; Harakhchandra C Who uses the eloquence of the village DJ owner? K Rajput B) Harukh Chandra c; Sethia p; Kahalsang Question-2 Write the answer to the following question in one-two sentences. Name the poet of the poem 'Season of the Planet'. 2. Who does the seam call to?

P-2) Write the answers to the following questions one or two times.

1 Name the poet of the season of hard work. 25 Who does the seam call to? ૩ Why did Harakhchand Manek buy cottonseed? 4 What items did Kahalsang buy? ૬ Ravi Shankar Na Name the parents. 6) What did the Maharaja see in Jogan village? Who cremated those who died in the riots? After losing the rope, Maharaja took Shaw rule? 9) What was the nature of Ravi Shankar Maharaj in his childhood? 10) How did people know Maharaj as a boring Maharaj? What was the life religion of Maharaj? 12, What was the sculptor doing? 13) What did the man feel when he looked around the idol? 14] What damage was done to the idol lying next to it?


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