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Sunday, September 20, 2020


E: Study Conclusion:
       1. Can listen, understand and enjoy in various literary forms.  2. Can describe and analyze familiar and unfamiliar situations.  Is.  Kavyapankit, Dvichar Vistar, Mukti Kahevato and Gadya-Padya are independent writers and essayists.  4 Must write a mustache answer by drawing appropriate conclusions from heard or fifth empirical material.  The meaning of the word, the relationship between the word, the treaty, the vowel consonant, the metaphor, the conjugation, the conjunction, the idiom and can use the grammatical grammar through proverbs.  Can effectively present their feelings, emotions, experiences and thoughts. 

 1 question.  (A) Find the SYO option from the given options for answering each of the following questions, write its lowercase letter in front of the question].  1. What is Juma's feeling towards Venu called?  A human love (b) animal love humanity (d feeling 2. what was Jumo feeding Venu?) (A) sorghum millet (c) gossip (corn 3. force, to take away the pain. What does mother do with price? March turns his hand. (B) O takes Varana.Holds his hand and sits. (D) stays with him constantly. 4. In whose memory Gandhinagar was founded. L (a) Sardar Patel B Indira Gandhi   Rajiv Gandhi (Dr. Mahatma Gandhi 5. What is the name of the Gujarat State Legislative Assembly?)  100) 10 (9) 30 (5) 40 7. What does the poet call 'Uparvani. Bank' to God?  ?  (A) On iron, on letter (b) On copper letter (c) On gold letter (d) On Pandi's letter 9. Uses the adjective Jagadusha Karyu for the king of Patan?  (D) Coward 10. No of the king of Patan  What am I?  (A) Vishal Dev b) Viradrasinh (h] Krishnakumarsinh D Sayajirao Gaekwad Q. 1 (b) Jodka Jod. A04 Answer 1. 2. 2.  1 Makrand Dave 2. Ramanlal Son 1 Dhumketu 4. Manohar Trivedi 3. 4 Question .1 (5) Complete the line of the poem.

C I know you, even if I take it - the way to go .. Question.  1. Parma con, whose is done?  Why  2. On what occasions does the poet express his affection?  3. Why didn't Venu refuse to graze on the road?  4. What efforts were made to save the Zuma race?  5. Why is the Legislative Assembly called the Legislative Assembly?  6. Vidhanrana, why is it necessary to get permission to enter the cave?  7. Why did King Jagadusha get rid of him?  8. Vifaldev was worried about which disaster?  Is.  How does Dauni Vainu with Juma end up at the end?  Question, (b) Answer the detailed questions, 1. What did Javanusha write in the copper letter of each warehouse?  Why ?  2. What situation did the king and his people face because of the famine?  3. King Vishaldev requested a fee to give grain to the owner of the warehouse?  4. Explain the process of entering the House of Assembly.  5. What are the features of Gandhinagar roads?  5. Describe Jumo and Venu's friendship in your own words.  7. What did Juno and Vena do during the day?  Question 2 (a) Reasons.  Gives.  2 1. Jagadusha is called Decha Maa, because ... 2. Gandhinagar is known as the Green City.  Because ... 2.  Despite Juma's efforts, Vai cannot survive.  Because .. 4. Thought of dying with Vainu.  Because ... 5. The poet prefers to walk the dusty path.  Because .... Q.3 a) Give the meaning of idiom and use the sentence, is.  Teda, see the benefits 2, tune.  1, to cut out the tongue 4. to become a sadha, to be the son of seven khauns Question. 2 (b) a word for a group of words 1. a leather tool for filling a party 2. to circle a sacred place or persons on all sides.  The front line of the joints above the finger A, the back of a plant that is used to feed the cargo. (Types of sentences o on kha wau 1. Boom from deposit


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