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Friday, October 30, 2020

Vacation Babat Paripatra.

 Vacation  Babat Paripatra. 

Mamlatdar and Executive Magistrate's Office, Supply Branch, Taluka Seva Sadan, Near Hawa Mahal, Wadhwan dclşlt. 02752-243956 E-mail: sakwadhwan@gmail.com to Parvivabhad / May-304 / Food Baske / Mapat -  .  / 2020 Date - 6/10/2010 Subject: - Under Public Distribution System Month: - Compensation received under the National Food Security Act in May 2020 under the free food basket distribution operation, matter of depositing interest.  Reading: - (1) Order No. Parav / Vabh / May-206 / Letter of Food Bar KV P / 3040, dated 07/06/2040 (3) Letter of Shri District Supply Officer, Surendranagar No. Parav /  Vahat / covid - 19 / V05 / 2060, dated 07/03/2050 (2) Letter No. of Education / Makam-1 / Head Quartz Ship of Shri G.P.Shi.Ashri Shri, Surendranagar ”08/2050, Dt.  .2 / 03/2020 

(2) Shri Mamlatdar Saheb, on order no. Of Vadhvan / free distribution / covid - 19/09/2050, dated 05/06/2020
 (2) Correction order of the office here.  / 2020, Dt. 05/09/2050, Dt. 15 / / 2020, Dt. 

 According to the above subject and reference letter dated 30/2050, dated 31/09/2050 and dated 30/05/2030, due to the situation caused due to the hardening of the corona virus which has been spread all over the world recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government dated 3/06/20.  : 30-06-2030 - Dt - 1 (A) to the whole country.  It was decided by the Government to declare lockdown from 9/08/2050 to 21 days and then from 15/06/2030 to 15/06/2050.  Pursuant to which the letter of Shri District Supply Officer, Surendranagar dated 07/09/2050 - No. Parv / Vabhaime-2060 / NON NFSA APL - 1 / V / 05/2060 as well as the letter dated 08/06/2050: no.  As stated in the letter of Parvavibhime-2020 / Food Basket / V / 0/2020, NON NFSA APL-1 as well as Antyodaya Priority Families (PHH), Ration Card holders under NON NFSA BPL and PMGKAY know: - May-2020  Under the Sadarhu program, a sensitive decision has been taken by the government to distribute to the primary school teachers / principals in the above activities and to ensure that no irregularities are committed by the licensees of any fair price shop.  If the above work has been done during summer vacation (Dt. 05/06/2030 to Dt. 05/09/2050) and they have been deprived of the benefits of vacation and have done the above work, they are entitled to leave in return for the work done during the vacation.  So that out of the teachers / principals appointed by the above readings (2) and (3), the employees who are coming in the vacation staff will be able to complete the first phase of summer vacation from 08/06/2030 to 15/06/2030 days-2, and the second  Phase from 16/0/2050  6/07/2050 Day-11 Received a total of 15 days at the cheap food shops during the work of the distribution system in accordance with the rules of the day to receive receivables / compensation leave order is therefore ordered.  Enclosure: - Copy of order of reading (2) and (2).  Mimlatdar Wadhwan taluka copy sent to the world: 2 Taluka Primary Education Officer, Wadhwan ..... ..... It is better to take action to deposit the employee's leave as per the order

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