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Saturday, December 19, 2020



Contacted and retained contact with Salt guardians. The challenge. However, the work that has done at the primary level, which he has girled the special strengths of the burning and the gardening teachers, he has to challenge.

 my own pathway. "What is the injustice of teachers that teachers, how many teachers? You can also rehabilitate this: 'This new sister knows nothing- sometimes injustice ... "Do not understand;" Do not have time to do, the time of the time of the Beginning, the best teacher for the best teacher award you have before teaching in the standard before you study in the standard Zhazuman has justified justice, 

I am retired now in a coat without drawing baby. Read the prints of what is happening in education. Not only, Audo - Bug K - B! All these pictures are like being frustrated but I do not get frustrated. We should keep our approach, now the work of painting as a subject. The bus. It's our religion. "Destion has not been; And the activities of the Dishon 'are rarely satisfied' the satisfaction of life?". 

This is wrong. This is wrong. Picture in every primary school, "Propetly, Maharaana Pratap my ancestor and Gandhiji's music is a special Shil Co. "Lucky Foeba - Quality - Quality - Today is his' OK; The remaining child has a place like a huge family that leaves the class or school; With them, the teacher is a shame for the teacher, the small child has a shirani. 

It is not reasonable to make them toys, keeping them from the face of education that soon expects them toys from the face. "'Sertain. His education giving government schools to their education "'anything else about primary school? '' Sadhana salute! * What else? In some schools, the parrot of the parrot (this article 'Sanasara' book is useless, it is really useless, God has been selected, the book has been selected. In the same school, prayers about the Gujarat Literature Akademi "The challenges of education have been gone.

 The future is my B. C College, Dwarka teacher's future today! Teacher training today will be almost very useless tomorrow. It is the reason for the explosion of ignorance in a twenty-first century, on the day, on the day we get more less about less than we know more about more things or less about less things we know more. 

The US Massachusetus Institute of Technology (MIT) Pro, LinkLider was published in the same field of Visha and technology as per the same account of the LinkLider, according to 100 billion characters and figures, which was 100 billion times, which on 300 words of a minute The essence is that the topics such as tomorrow's classroom language, math, science, socialist, (content) student (not given, will not be given, will be subject to learning the learning process in the future. Contents Transmit.

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