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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Social audits Circular


Social audits Circular

After the implementation of the Right to Education Act-2009, a social audit will be conducted in all the primary schools of the state to know the extent to which it has been implemented in the schools and now a social audit has to be done in the year 2020-21 as well. The format for this is included in the enclosure.

A committee will have to be formed to conduct a social audit at the school level.

Social audits have to be done twice a year. It was supposed to be done at the beginning of the first semester but in the period of Corona epidemic when the academic session was not started in the schools, when the school started, the school level completed the CRC. Co.O. During the regular visit to the school by the BRC, the following matter is followed up and all the schools are subjected to social audit and then the certificate is submitted to the BRC co. Co.O. The certificate of all the schools should be submitted at the district level, then the DPC should send the certificate of social audit in all the government primary schools of the district to the office here.

Format of Social Audit Gujarati translation of English sent by Government of India is included with this. The school level will have to inform the concerned to maintain the file of social audit.

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