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Thursday, December 24, 2020



Prakarkara means education of the occasional great man Swami Vivekananda.  That is to say, this article has been presented with the help we can give in the work of growing a plant on the occasion of its birth anniversary - (dt. 12-1-1863).  Special help we give in the work of teaching children “Get up, wake up and don't achieve the goal.  Stay tuned until done.  Swami Vivekananda, who gave such an invaluable formula that no gardener can grow a tree by force, can achieve it. 

 That way no teacher punished the child saying that today's teaching method is totally wrong.  Could think.  In the task of revealing the infinite potential of the student, even before his shan, many obstacles come to his mind and heights come to fill the gaps of circumstances.  Really?  By restraining the mind first: 

Prakash Soni Shis should only be taught.  Chomer laziness, meanness and guilt are spreading in this country.  Could.  Even if an intelligent man sees all this, even in a quiet human being, decency is rooted.  Does not come from outside.  Can stay  Won't tears come to his eyes?  It's all inside of me.  We don't just see signs of its vitality.  You have to remove the veil of ignorance from yourself.  As you think you were educated in marble, but what a useless education you have learned. 

The idol of Saraswati already exists.  You are made of marble!  Get rid of clutter you don't need.  It is also ingrained in the mind of the child's education and that is how the university degrees are.  You consider yourself educated by removing the lid of the ignorant cover above.  Right?  Let the essence within be revealed.  

Alas!  Even 50 years after independence, to be honest, no one would have taught anyone else to be a clerk, not an information-laden educator.  One of us has to teach ourselves at a rate.  We are just sitting and saving the degree-giving education.  The plant itself is a disorder of its own nature.  You can only help him move forward in our own way with our culture and religion through the education of Lord Macaulay, you are totally detached from him.  

Today's student can overcome the obstacles in the western way and as a result, drinking the water of victim education quenches his thirst and plays knowledge on his own.  The teacher spoils all the games by believing that he himself is teaching him and through the use of drugs, cable TV, and so on.  Everything is through the effect of disco glamor, through character relaxation, knowledge resides within man and all that is needed is to rush him towards self-destruction.  

After independence.  Must do.  We are becoming more and more enslaved to Western culture રાખો mind you, there is no value in just ricker, mind you.  According to Swamiji, why is it necessary not to make all disciplined and strong immediately after independence?  In order to cultivate the spirit of interfaith harmony in the institutions, despite the fact that the information of all religions has been crammed into my stomach, I have been taught the basic teachings and spiritual values. 

I wonder why we still do not have indigestion!  If you had been stuck in your mind and blackened for the rest of your life, would it be true that the accumulation of information that cares about the moral degradation of students today is not education but life?  We need an idea-digestion that helps to prepare for the struggles of life, makes a man a man, develops his character.  Education is not only done, the power of character, the spirit of public welfare and the aim can only be to make a human being a real human being, not to cultivate courage like a lion.  True education is that which I understand the essence of man. 

 Concentration is the secret of success, no matter what the task, no matter what the task, no matter what the task at hand, no matter what the task at hand.  



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