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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Zone level art – about festival planning Latter Date 23-12-2020

Zone level art – about festival planning Latter Date 23-12-2020IMG_20201223_201618-668x1024

regarding the above subject stating that the district level art festival has been successfully completed. The entry of the winning boy and girl at the district level is being sent to the zonal level district from that district level. Based on that, the zone level art festival was organized in live mode.

In which it is asked to organize a zone level art festival as per the following plan.

List / result of the winning contestant (boys and girls) in the district level competition has been asked to be sent to the zone level district

For zone level competition, the district pre-recorded the performance event of the first competitor for each event / competition which is available in that district

The contestant selected for the zonal level competition should also inform the contestant that he / she can change the performance content in the district level competition if he / she wants. If the content is changed it will be considered valid and the previous content will be considered canceled. Verification of entries from the district level should be done under the guidance of the District OIC, Nodal Officer and Co-Nodal Officer allotted to the competition.

The performance of the winning contestant in the zone level competition will be valid for the state level art festival. No changes can be made to it. State level art festival

winner received for each event / competition from five zones will be checked by the office here. Performance / content from the zonal level will be considered valid in the state level art festival on the basis of the expert jury of the competition.

Zone level art – about festival planning Latter

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