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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Shala Swachhta App Certificate Download || Perfect Solution to Download Blank Certification in School HygieneCertificate Application

Shala Swachhta App Certificate Download || Perfect Solution to Download Blank Certification in School HygieneCertificate Application

What are mutual funds?

A mutual fund is a company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt. The combined holdings of the mutual fund are known as its portfolio. Investors buy shares in mutual funds. Each share represents an investor’s part ownership in the fund and the income it generates.organized with the broad

  • I do people buy mutual funds?
  • What types of mutual funds are there?
  • What are the benefits and risks of mutual funds?
  • How to buy and sell mutual funds
  • Understanding fees
  • Avoiding fraud
  • Additional information
Why do people buy mutual funds?
  • Mutual funds are a popular choice among investors because they generally offer the following features:
  • Professional Management. The fund managers do the research for you. They select the securities and monitor the performance.
  • Diversification or “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Mutual funds typically invest in a range of companies and industries. This helps to lower your risk if one company fails.
  • Affordability. Most mutual funds set a relatively low dollar amount for initial investment and subsequent purchases.
  • Liquidity. Mutual fund investors can easily redeem their shares at any time, for the current net asset value (NAV) plus any redemption fees.
What types of mutual funds are there?

Most mutual funds fall into one of four main categories – money market funds, bond funds, stock funds, and target date funds. Each type has different features, risks, and rewards.
  • Money market funds have relatively low risks. By law, they can invest only in certain high-quality, short-term investments issued by U.S. corporations, and federal, state and local governments.
  • Bond funds have higher risks than money market funds because they typically aim to produce higher returns. Because there are many different types of bonds, the risks and rewards of bond funds can vary dramatically.
  • Stock funds invest in corporate stocks. Not all stock funds are the same. Some examples are:
  • Growth funds focus on stocks that may not pay a regular dividend but have potential for above-average financial gains.
  • Income funds invest in stocks that pay regular dividends.
  • Index funds track a particular market index such as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.
  • Sector funds specialize in a particular industry segment.
  • Target date funds hold a mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments. Over time, the mix gradually shifts according to the fund’s strategy. Target date funds, sometimes known as lifecycle funds, are designed for individuals with particular retirement dates in mind.
What are the benefits and risks of mutual funds?

Mutual funds offer professional investment management and potential diversification. They also offer three ways to earn money:

  • Dividend Payments. A fund may earn income from dividends on stock or interest on bonds. The fund then pays the shareholders nearly all the income, less expenses.
  • Capital Gains Distributions. The price of the securities in a fund may increase. When a fund sells a security that has increased in price, the fund has a capital gain. At the end of the year, the fund distributes these capital gains, minus any capital losses, to investors.
  • Increased NAV. If the market value of a fund’s portfolio increases, after deducting expenses, then the value of the fund and its shares increases. The higher NAV reflects the higher value of your investment.
All funds carry some level of risk. With mutual funds, you may lose some or all of the money you invest because the securities held by a fund can go down in value. Dividends or interest payments may also change as market conditions change.

A fund’s past performance is not as important as you might think because past performance does not predict future returns. But past performance can tell you how volatile or stable a fund has been over a period of time. The more volatile the fund, the higher the investment risk.

SSG || Perfect solution of Blank (Cora) certificate in school hygiene coefficient application, now named certificate can be downloaded easily .....

#School hygiene coefficient application
#School hygiene coefficient application 2020
# ShalaswachhtaApp2020

How to Download School Hygiene Coefficient Application Certificate?

School Hygiene Coefficient Application Blank (Blank) Certificate

School Hygiene Coefficient Application Blank (Blank) Certification Solution

how to download shala swachchhata guank certificate ??

shala swachchhata gunak blank certificate solution


Download to download the shala swachchhata gunak certificate?

School Hygiene Coefficient Application Blank (Blank) Certification Solution

How to download shala swachchhata gunak certificate?

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

The MHRD Ministry started an unprecedented consultation process from January 1, 2015, which was a collaboration based, multi-stakeholder, multi-dimensional, bottom-up, public-centric, inclusive, and interactive process. It has been consulted at many levels - with online, experts, theme based and ground-level consultation, in which the comprehensive process of village, block, urban local body, district, state, division, national level, organized by the national level, Provided an opportunity to join massive work Many personal and profound discussions were organized with the broad stakeholders. 

After this, we have former Cabinet Secretary, late T. s . Under the chairmanship of R Subramanian, the committee was constituted for the development of the new education policy. Based on this report submitted in May 2016, the Ministry prepared "some suggestions for the new Education Policy (format) 2016".

Education policy At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings become available.

To test all the suggestions and to submit the draft of the education policy till December 2018, the renowned scientist Professor, Of Under the chairmanship of Kasturirangan, I got a fortune to form a committee to prepare the new education policy and tell me it

GoI’s app to connect health services with the people of India to fight COVID-19
Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices, and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.

Protect against viruses & other types of malware with Avast Mobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus app forabro.oid.

Protect your privacy by receiving alerts when spyware or adware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. Secure your device against phishing attacks from emails, phone calls, infected websites, or SMS messages. Turn on the VPN to keep your online browsing private and safe, as well as to access your favorite paid streaming services when traveling abroad. 

TubeMate YouTube Downloader enables you to quickly access, search, share and download YouTube videos. Because downloading always happens in the background, you can go on watching YouTube, surfing the Internet, tweeting, and listening to your music as you download. This app is really easy to use, you just have to look for any video in the search bar of the app and press the green arrow located on the bottom part of the screen At that moment you can select the video quality you want to download. It normally has many different resolution options adapted to the different Android devices compatible with the application. The downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card by default, but you can move them around from one location to another, however, suits you best. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a very eas-to-use video downloader whose main strong point is exactly that--you can have to get your hands on any video in seconds.

Get an income Certificate online

Get an income Certificate online

Get Income Certificate – Aavak No Dakhlo From Digital Gujarat @digitalgujarat.gov.in: Income Certificate is an official document issued by the State Government which states the annual income details of the applicant or family of the applicant. The key information specified in the certificate is details regarding the annual income of the family earned from various sources as per the records for a specific financial year.
Income certificate is an essential document for obtaining various government subsidies and schemes. The amount of income mentioned in an income certificate is calculated based on the actual income of each family. The Gujarat State Government has introduced an online application form to easily obtain income certificate. In this article, we look at the procedure for obtaining Gujarat income certificate.
Income Certificate:
  • Income certificate is mainly used for the following purposes:
  • Helps to get special privileges from educational institutions.
  • Backward classes make special reservations in college and universities.
  • This certificate plays an important role to get credit from government banks and various government schemes
  • Old age pension, widow pension and agricultural worker pension will be issued on the income basis.
A person applying for income tax certificate should be a resident of the State of Gujarat.
Required Documents:
The documents required to obtain Gujarat Income Certificate are given below:
Address Proof (Anyone is mandatory):
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill (not older than three months)
  • Gas connection
  • Bank Passbook
  • Post Office Account Statement / Passbook
  • Driving License
  • Government Photo ID cards / Service photo identity card issued by Public Sector Undertakings (PSU)

Identity Proof (Anyonee is mandatory):
  • Election Card
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Identity card issued by an approved educational institution.
Income Proof (Anyone is mandatory ):
  • Employer Certificate (if employed with Govt, Semi Govt or any Govt-undertaking)
  • If salaried (Form 16-A and ITR for last three years)
  • If in business (ITR of Business for last 3 years and Balance Sheet of Business)
  • Declaration before Talati (Service Related)
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Get Income Certificate – Aavak No Dakhlo From Degital Gujarat (Step by Step Procedure)

Step 1 : First one has to make sure that all the required documents are in hand to apply online. If you would like to know about the documents that are required for this procedure.
Step 2 : Please use the following link to apply online : Apply Online. [Direct Link]
Step 3 : In this page please click “Login” option at the right corner of the page for registration.
Step 5 : Complete the registration form and click “Save
Step 6 : Now enter the received OTP in the textbox and click “Confirm”
Step 7 : After successful registration, please click “Request a New Service”

Step 8 : Now look for “Income Certificate (Panchayat) (Rural)” service.
Step 9 : Now read the instructions and guidelines carefully. Then click “Continue To Service”
Step 10 : Now your request ID and application number will be generated. Please make a note of it and click “Continue”
Step 11 : Please complete the applicant information details and click “Next”
Step 12 : Also complete service details and income details section. Then click “Next”
Step 13 : Now upload the necessary documents.
Step 14 : After successful submission of your application you can take the print of your application form and proceed further with the online payment. Please make payment using any of the two options.
  • E-Wallet
  • Gateway.
Step 15 : Citizen will get an SMS for the status of his/her application.
Step 16 : Once completing the application process, user shall use the application number to get the certificate by using download issued document 

Monday, August 17, 2020


Many instructors use “test” and “exam” interchangeably, but for students, an exam refers to either a mid-term or final exam. It’s the granddaddy of tests in both high school and college. You can expect that an exam will be long (long enough that most college instructors allow hours rather than minutes for it to be taken). It has to be long: Most exams will cover all of the material that the course has covered so far. Although some instructors don’t use exams at all, those who do frequently make it a large part of your final grade for the term. For instance, some instructors consider the exam grade as one third of your total score for the class.
JUnit assumes that all test methods can be executed in an arbitrary order. Well-written test code should not assume any order, i.e., tests should not depend on other tests.
Doctests seem to fulfill the best of both worlds, providing documentation and testing. In reality, tests written using doctest almost always serve as both poor tests and poor documentation.
JUnit naming conventions There are several potential naming conventions for JUnit tests. A widely-used solution for classes is to use the "Test" suffix at the end of test classes names. As a general rule, a test name should explain what the test does. If that is done correctly, reading the actual implementation can be avoided. One possible convention is to use the "should" in the test method name. For example, "ordersShouldBeCreated" or "menuShouldGetActive". This gives a hint what should happen if the test method is executed. Another approach is to use "GivenWhenThen" for the display name of the test method.

A unit test targets a small unit of code, e.g., a method or a class. External dependencies should be removed from unit tests, e.g., by replacing the dependency with a test implementation or a (mock) object created by a test framework.

First, yes, they’re the same, and yes, they’re different. Confused? Let’s explore the subject a bit then. Your thesaurus is likely to say that all three of these words are interchangeable. And in fact, sometimes they are used interchangeably. “Test” and “exam” especially are often used in the same context. However, especially in high school and college, there are subtle differences.
Digital education Activity

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

While most of the entries on this list have provided educators and students access to interactive games or lessons, this one is a little different. ReadWriteThink’s printing press is just that, a virtual interactive printing press. It gives students across different grade levels the ability to create their own newspapers, brochures and flyers. Students can choose the font size and colors of the text they use.
In order to help new, potentially scalable digital learning and teaching arrangements achieve a breakthrough, Gebert Rüf Stiftung supports primary and secondary schools I with exemplary bottom-up initiatives or cooperations with school external partners to serve as role models for the «school of the future». The funding programme is aimed at teachers and school principals who want to implement such projects directly. The model projects supported so far show how this can be achieved.
online learning environment for learners of English. Students log in to complete a wide variety of online activities, including reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing practice. The online exercises complement Hamilton House course books to offer a blended learning solution, thus enhancing the learning experience.

Varsity Tutors is offering a free program called Virtual School Day, which includes live, online classes and educational resources for K-12 students. Students can receive more than 30 hours a week of live online instruction, with classes led by tutors experienced in the course topic and virtual learning. Core lessons include math, reading, writing and science, while enrichment classes include topics such as history of the national parks and careers in science. 
Adventure Academy is an educational multiplayer online game for elementary and middle school students, with thousands of learning activities covering reading, math and science. ReadingIQ is a digital library and literacy platform for children ages 12 and under, with thousands of books to choose from. 

Indian Premier League] IPL Time Table Download 2020

Indian Premier League] IPL Time Table Download 2020

Cricket Is All Over World Famouse Game. Worlds Most of Team Participate in Cricket Turnament. Indian Premier League IPL Most Of Lovable Moment so Today Artical in IPL Time Table Discuss And Download This Articale Written By Freshgujarat.
IPL Time Table Download

[Indian Premier League] IPL Time Table Download 2020.

Welcome to IPL 2020-indian premier league 2020(Schedule) app.In This app you contain information about ipl 2020.Vivo IPL 2020-indian premier league 2020(Schedule) app is complete package for all Cricket Vivo IPL 2020 Cricket Fans.
  • In the old schedule, the IPL was to be played for 44 days instead of 50 days, with each of the 8 teams playing 14-14 matches.
  • The number of matches can be increased to 2 in one day, now there can be double headers every seven days instead of 5 as before.
Download IPL Time Table Download 
Click here to download time table

This year the IPL will start from 19th September. The league final will be played on November 8. The tournament will be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Spectators will be able to enjoy the entire tournament. IPL chairman Brijesh Patel made the official announcement on Friday. The IPL has got a big window as the T20 World Cup has been postponed.
The IPL Governing Council will meet next week. There are three major agendas to be discussed. These include shifting leagues to the UAE, creating Corona guidelines for franchises and the demand for broadcasters.

1.Shifting the league to the UAE,

determining the venue and number of matches An official associated with the franchise told the news agency that the BCCI would inform the Emirates Cricket Board as soon as it was allowed to play in the UAE. As far as I know, the board will not shorten this tournament. There will be 60 matches just like the old format. Each team will play 14-14 matches. Given the double header (two matches in one day) the tournament can be from 44 to 48 days. The original schedule was to have a double header only on 5th Sunday. However, the number may increase depending on the current situation.

2. Guidelines and training for the franchise will be talked about.

There are three cricket stadiums in the UAE where IPL matches can be held – Dubai International Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi and Stadium in Sharjah. BCCI can reportedly hire ICC Academy for training teams. The ICC Academy has two full size cricket grounds. In addition to the 38 turf and 6 indoor pitches, it also has an outdoor conditioning area of ​​5700 square feet. There is also a physiotherapy and medicine center. So the team that stays in Dubai will be able to train at the ICC Academy by paying a fee. The team based in Abu Dhabi can also practice here as it is only an hour and a half away from Dubai.

3. Demand of broadcasters will be discussed

The schedule and length of the tournament will be discussed with the broadcasters at the IPL Governing Council meeting. The league’s broadcasters Star Sports have acquired IPL rights for Rs 16,347 crore. The timing of the match will also be discussed at the meeting. It will be decided whether the match will be played at 8 pm (6.30 PM Dubai time) Indian time or half an hour before.
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 Important:  Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.

Indian Army Rally Recruitment 2020 – Soldier Posts | Apply Online

Indian Army Rally Recruitment 2020 – Soldier Posts | Apply Online

Indian Army has published the recruitment notification for the recruitment of Soldier General Duty (Women Military Police). You can also view official notification and other important facts about this recruitment e.g. Important links and Important dates.
Indian Army Rally Recruitment 2020 – Soldier Posts | Apply Online

Job details

  • No of Posts: 99
  • Salary: 19,900 To 63,200/- Per Month
  • Name of posts: Soldier General Duty (Women Military Police)

Eligibility Criteria:

Educational Qualification

  • Minimum education qualification is Matric / 10th / SSLC or equivalent with 45% marks in aggregate and minimum 33% marks in each subject studied at Matric /10th /SSLC level without mentioning any specific subjects.

Age limit

  • 17 ½ – 21 years (Born Between (Both dates inclusive) – 01 Oct 1999 to 01 Apr 2003)

Minimum Physical Requirements

  • Height – 152 cms
  • Weight – Proportionate to height and age as per Army Medical standards.
  • Chest Expansion – The candidate should be capable of chest expansion of 05 cms.

Selection Process

  • Final Selection will be based on Physical Fitness Test, Physical Measurement Test, Medical Test, Written Test.

How to Apply

  • Interested and Eligible Candidates can apply online by below mentioned link.

Indian Army Rally Recruitment 2020 – Soldier Posts | Apply Online

Important Dates

  • Starting Date for Submission of Application: 27/07/2020.
  • Last Date for Submission of Application: 31/08/2020.

Indian Army has published the recruitment notification for the recruitment of Soldier General Duty (Women Military Police). You can also view official notification and other important facts about this recruitment e.g. Important links and Important dates.
Indian Army has published the recruitment notification for the recruitment of Soldier General Duty (Women Military Police). You can also view official notification and other important facts about this recruitment e.g. Important links and Important dates.
Indian Army Rally Recruitment 2020 – Soldier Posts | Apply Online

Important Dates

  • Starting Date for Submission of Application: 27/07/2020.
  • Last Date for Submission of Application: 31/08/2020.

Important Links:

Feature Post.

Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List

    Letest news,all information about tat GiaBharti 2021,GIA HS Qualified waiting 2021  Testing can teach the Gita. Kill the terrible monste...

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