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Monday, February 1, 2021

Twinining school karykram babat mahiti aapto gr

 Twinining school karykram babat mahiti aapto gr

Education while playing ... Babubhai Galabhai Mor In today's age, the importance and quality of modern education is increasing and primary education is also becoming dull.  How to make dull education more interesting?  Try the tips in this regard.

 Number of children in Std. 5-6-7 in school Organizing stage games, field games, classroom games can be organized by the school, games that can be organized on stage (1) Speech competition: Speech competition on any subject assigned to the child.  Speech can be given according to the time.  (2) Essay Competition: An essay can be written or read for two to four minutes on any essay.  

Dramatic Competition: Double-digit, one-act, playless dramas on different subjects such as religious, social, national unity, educational and adventurous etc. (9) Qawwali singing: Qawwali singing can be done by grouping children with singing and music.  (10) Quick writing: Take the children on stage with ballpoint pen or pencil and paper and keep on doing ideal reading. 

 The child quickly hears and writes.  (Do not repeat a single sentence. This game can also be played in an indoor game.) (11) Asanas: Asanas are very important for the body and different asanas should be done during the winter season.  (12) Ras / Garba: During religious, social, national festivals, a procession should be organized by organizing a competition of Kan-Gopi's Ras and Mataji's Garba.  

Dance: Each caste should be given the opportunity to dance according to their distinctive style according to their customs.  (14) Shidhra Abhinaya: The children are informed about the performances by the selection committee.  We will have to do one of such performances.  Write each performance in a letter and keep it in a basket. 

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