Create live photos, live apers wrappers, moving backgrounds and themes with animation effects using Pixa Motion Photo Animator.

Create amazing short videos easily with Pixamotion Video Maker.

The Pixamotion app is a "motion on image editor" that lets you create stunning live photos in motion on the go.

Pixa Motion is a powerful application for creating visual images that stand out from the crowd.

Bring your photos to life with animated effects using "Pixa Motion Photo
Editor and Animator"

Pixamotion brings your photos to life, by applying a fantastic animation effect and refreshing filters to pictures.

"Moving Pictures" with motion steels and natural moves in your pictures also popularly known as cinematographs.

Animated images with natural motion and static part in the image create a new form of visual storytelling.

Create cinematographs, create loop videos using hidden images, and share your creative visual stories on social media.

The use of animation effects and amazing filters turns your still images into the most creative pieces of art.

Create cool moving backgrounds and live wallpapers and personalize your home screen.

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