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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Gujarat Various Nagarpalika Recruitment for 109 Safai Kamdar Posts (07-06-21)


Karamsad Nagar Palika Anand  Requirmenrt 2021 

Gujarat Various Nagarpalika Recruitment 2021

Sahera nagarpalika Requirmenrt 2021 

Why are you all having fun? You all know that now we can't go to school to study because we love lockdown. The Gujarat government has introduced a new approach. Let's find out what is the new approach from the area.  We are all aware of the fact that the Government of Gujarat and the Government of India have decided to give study to the children sitting at home as per the instructions of the Government of India for the purpose of doing it easily but more specifically how to watch that video every day.  I'm going to give it to you

 First of all let's talk about what is HomeLearning video. In this video how children are taught and how knowledge is imparted to children through different activities so that children can fully develop madness. Children know as much as we know.  And if knowledge is imparted indirectly, it is most beneficial to impart direct knowledge to the children first, because it makes the children try to know the information with more interest and also tries very hard to follow it. Friends, the present situation has become available.  At the moment we can't go to any kind of school because going to school spreads the transition. Everyone is sitting and must be. Friends, we know that in the current difficult situation, it is very important to study at home.

 The complete information on how to study is given here. For study, you will have to watch the video of Home Learning. You will have to watch it here every day. You can also watch this video in DD Girnar's channel.  Usually there is no need to have a TV, friends, there is no need to take a channel in it as the DD Girnar television channel is totally free.
 Another thing to mention is that we know that sometimes you don't even have a TV with you because your financial situation is not good, but even if your child is a TV friend, you can watch this video on your mobile at your convenience. Twelve friends watch this video a lot.  It is very important because with this video it is very difficult to start schools from June to September now, so in very difficult times we all become participants of government teachers and increase our knowledge with very good ideas.  It is very advisable to do so

Important link ⤵️⤵️

Places Total No. of Posts Last Date: Notification
Songadh Nagarpalika 04 09-06-2021 Click Here
Halol Nagarpalika 43 07-06-2021 Click Here
Pardi Nagarpalika 02 27-05-2021 Click Here
Karamsad Nagarpalika 17 25-05-2021 Click Here
Savarkundla Nagarpalika 27 18-05-2021 Click Here
Damnagar Nagarpalika 10 18-05-2021 Click Here

Unjha Nagarpalika 22-05-2021 click here

Maliya Nagarpalika ( Morbi ) 22-06/2021 Click here 

 Let me tell you how to watch the video now friends. The same video is also uploaded on youtube channel every day. You can also watch the same video here.  Look and if schools are closed now, we have got all the knowledge through this video. Thank you all very much for visiting this blog. Friends and guardian friends. New educational information is posted on this blog every day. Friends, you can visit this blog every day.  Thank you very much

Monday, May 24, 2021

Co-WIN app : Ministry of Health launches Co-WIN app, vaccination will be done only after registration here.

 Co-WIN app : Ministry of Health launches Co-WIN app, vaccination will be done only after registration here.

The Co-WIN app app will assistance in real-time monitoring of vaccine delivery.
Through the app, the government will be able to keep the data of vaccinated people safe.

The year 2021 begins with the good news of the covid vaccine. Covishield and covacin vaccines have been approved. The Co-WIN app will launching by the Union Ministry of Health to deliver the vaccine to the people. Moreover this app will help in real time monitoring of vaccine delivery. Through the app, the government will be able to keep the data of vaccinated people safe.

Pocket FM has all the Indian audio books you can think of, the best sellers, the culture-defining, the must-reads. And the best thing is that, these are available to all book lovers, free of cost. Audio books not only make book reading more fun, but also are an amazing source of entertainment. Audio books also help you learn about many new things, making you much smarter and aware. You can also share and discuss about the audio books that you read with your friends for much better understanding or to discuss the plot lines of certain stories or kahaniya.

Vaccination will be done after registration on this app. However, the app is currently not available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. According to some reports, the production work of the Co-WIN app has not been completed yet.

What is the Co-WIN app?
Co-WIN (Covid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network) is an upgraded version of eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network). Once the application is completing, it will be available for free on Play Store and App Store. The Ministry of Health has clarified that corona vaccination will take place in 3 phases.

The vaccine will giving to frontline professionals in the first phase. Moreover people involved in emergency services in the second phase. As well as people with serious conditions in the third phase.

Registration to start on April 28Previous reports was claiming that the registration would begin on 24th April. However, the government was now clarifying that the registration will be starting only on 28th April through the CoWIN Portal or Aarogya Setu app. Please, don’t get misguided by rumours stating that registration for vaccination of 18+ citizens to start out from April 24, 2021.

The registrations will be starting on the #CoWIN portal and Aarogya Setu App from 28th April onwards. The government of India’s official citizen engagement platform MyGovIndia tweeted that “Stay informed, Stay safe! ”

Vaccination requires registration on the app. All users should be ready to download the app for free of charge and register themselves for a vaccine. According to media reports, the registration process will be as follows… Photo and ID are going to be required for self-registration on Co-WIN’s official website.

Water ID, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension document can be used in the ID.
Moreover mobile number has to be submitting during registration.
As soon as doing the registration, the date, time and place of vaccination will informing through SMS.

5 modules of the Co-WIN app :
From this app the vaccination process will work on a platform for administrative activities. Vaccination personnel and all those who are about to be vaccinating. It includes Administrative Module, Registration Module, Vaccination Module, Beneficiary Acceptance Module and Report Module.

The people who will manage the vaccination event. Moreover they will determine the session through this module. Through it, vaccinators and providers will get information through notifications.
This module is for those who have registered in the vaccination program.

Vaccination module:
Will verify the information of people who have registered for vaccination and will also provide 
It will send a message to the recipients of the vaccine. Moreover it will also generate a QR code. As well as people will also get an e-certificate of the vaccine.

Report Module:

The report of the vaccination program will be preparing through it. Such as how many vaccination sessions were hold. Moreover how many people got vaccinating. As well as how many people registering but did not get vaccinated etc

STD. 1 to 10 Class Redynesss Programme Bridge Course Latest Paripatra.

STD. 1 to 10 Class Redynesss Programme Bridge Course Latest Paripatra.

Methodology: the web survey was conducted among the scholars to live the impact of online teaching in their education and health. There are 792 valid responses obtained from the survey.

Online bullying by teenagers is extremely common, say teachers. Students create fake IDs and enter the classroom as a parent to confuse teachers and make a ruckus. Often privacy norms aren't followed and fogeys are seen roaming around in their night dresses during classes. Sudden guest appearance of mothers or domestic helps leaves the category in splits and disrupts the flow of the classroom. Trolling teachers by sending memes or calling names is nothing unusual, say teachers. Sharing of messages and name-calling can't be traced during online zoom classes leaving no other option but to continue with classes.

How Can Watch Daily You Tube Home Learning Video.

Here is a complete guide on how to watch videos of daily attacks through initiation application on YouTube or in PDF format. Apart from this, every standard video exercise is also done on Doordarshan DD Girnar channel according to the time schedule. Youtube link is sent through whatsapp group. Apart from this, this video is also sent in Diksha application. Apart from this the video is also sent in pdf.

Hello friends, the new academic session has started from 8th June 2020 but due to the current Koro epidemic, children cannot be called to school so as not to spoil the academic work of the students. Based educational videos and educational lessons are broadcast on TV through Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar channel.

Conclusion: Online teaching has played an important role during the pandemic but its consequences can't be ignored. the web classes can't be accessed by each student thanks to unavailability of smart phones, laptop and mobiles network to especially poor families and remote areas. This creates the discrimination among the scholars of poor and rich or urban and rural. the scholars below 14 years aren't aware of screen effect and obtain addicted with mobile causes mental and eyes problems. Thus, online teaching can't take the position of traditional class room teaching for while and that we will got to back the normal teaching after pandemic or possible situation and environment.

Result: consistent with survey, the web teaching was equally important altogether segment of education during the amount of pandemic but about half-hour students aren't satisfied with the delivery of content through online teaching. the scholars below 14 years were getting addicted with mobiles and laptop and consequently they suffers with mental sickness and eyes problem thanks to screen effect.

Online Education Market 2020-2024: Key Highlights

CAGR of the market during the forecast period 2020-2024

Detailed information on factors which will assist online education market growth during subsequent five years

Estimation of the web education market size and its contribution to the parent market

બ્રિજકોર્સ – કલાસ રેડીનેશઃ જ્ઞાનસેતુ સાહિત્યની વિગતો

ધોરણ વાઇઝ સાહિત્ય ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

પરિપત્ર  ડાઉનલોડ કરો અહીં. 24-05-2021 જ્ઞાનસેતુ ધોરણ 1 થી 10

Predictions on upcoming trends and changes in consumer behavior

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Mind Puzzle WIth The Full Solution


Mind Puzzle WIth The Full Solution

Classic puzzle game for beginners and advanced players. When you want to relax or keep the mind active – pass the time during a pleasant way with puzzle games there is a free puzzle game! Get alittle stimulating break or clear your head! Take your favorite puzzle game with you when you want to go. Mind puzzle geme is available offline. Playing the sport on mobile is nearly as good like a true pencil and paper.

Mind Puzzle game has 20000+ different type of puzzles and comes in six difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, fast, expert and giant one! Play easy Puzzle game to exercise your brain, reasoning , and memory, or try medium and hard Puzzle game to offer your mind a true workout.

Solve mind puzzle game, train your brain, and have fun! Thousands of puzzles to explore. Install to start now!


Classic puzzle game for beginners and advanced players. When you want to relax or keep the mind active – pass the time during a pleasant way with puzzle games there is a free puzzle game! Get alittle stimulating break or clear your head! Take your favorite puzzle game with you when you want to go. Mind puzzle game is available offline. Playing the sport on mobile is nearly as good like a true pencil and paper.

Mind Puzzle game has 20000+ different type of puzzles and comes in six difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard, fast, expert and giant one! Play easy Puzzle game to exercise your brain, reasoning , and memory, or try medium and hard Puzzle game to offer your mind a true workout.

Solve the Puzzel : Think and solve it

 Ans : ગુલાબસિંહ ચાવડા


બે માથાં અને બે પગ,
જાણે એને આખું જગ,
જે કોઈ આવે એની વચમાં,
કપાઈ જાય એની કચકચમાં

જવાબ / કાતર

Our free Mind Puzzle game have some features that make the sport easier for you: like hints, auto-check, and highlight duplicates. What is more in our application each classic Mind puzzle game has one solution. You will find all you would like whether you're solving your first puzzle, or you've progressed to expert difficulty

. Choose any level you like!


Complete Daily Sudoku Challenges to urge unique trophies

You can participate in Events and also can win unique medals
Challenge yourself deciding your mistakes, or enable Auto-Check to ascertain your mistakes as you go

Highlight duplicates to avoid repeating numbers during a row, column and block

Hints can guide you thru the points once you are stuck.

More features:

- Statistics. You can Track your progress for every difficult level: also analisis your best time and other achievements

- Unlimited Undos. Made a mistake? Just put it back quickly!

- Color themes. Choose one among three appearances to style your own sudoku kingdom! Play with more comfort, even in the dark!

- Auto-save. If you allow a game unfinished, it'll be saved. Continue playing anytime

Highlight of a row, number, column, and box associated with the chosen cell

- Eraser. Get rid of the mistakes

Answer : 80

first row is 1+4=5×2 = 10

second row is 2+8=10×2= 20

third row is 4+16=20×2 =40

Forth row is 8+32=40×2=80


• More than 10000 classic well-formed sudoku puzzles

• 9x9 grid

• There is 6 perfectly balanced levels of hard point. Mind Puzzle game is free app is suitable for both Mind beginners and advanced evil Mind players! You can Play fast, easy and medium levels to exercise your brain. Choose hard leval to enhance your skills and check out expert or giant game for evil challenges. Read

• Support both phones and tablets

• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets

• Simple and intuitive design

Daily Mind Puzzle game is that the best thanks to start your day! 1 or 2 classic Mind puzzles will assist you to awaken, make your brain Power full work, and assist you to be ready for a productive daily working day. Download our mobile application and play Mind power free puzzles offline.

If you're a superb Mind puzzle solver welcome to our Mind power kingdom! Here you'll spend your free time keeping your mind sharp. Regular game practice will assist you become a true Mind puzzle master who quickly deals even with the foremost difficult web puzzles during a short time.

Challenge your brain anywhere, anytime!

Australian bird making about 20 different sounds


Australian bird making about 20 different sounds

A video of a unique Australian bird making about 20 different sounds

This Australian bird can speak up to 20 different sounds as well as copy spoken words.  Watch this wonderful video

How to increase the oxygen level at home without medication and cleanse the lungs?  Learn Home Remedies

Primary School ni STD 1 to 8 Vidhyasahayak ni Khali Jagya o Ni Mahiti Mokalva Babat. Vidhyasahayak 1 to 5 and 6 to 8 Gujarati Medium Khali Jagyao ni Mahiti Babat Niyamakshri no Paripatra, Date-04/05/2021

Office of the Director of Primary Education, Block No. 12/1, Dr. GM Bhavan, Gandhinagar.  07/02/2071.  Per, District Primary Education Officer, District Education Committee (All), Govt. Officer, Town Education Committee (All), 

Subject: - Matter of sending information of vacancies of Vidyashayak (Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8 - Gujarati Medium).  To inform the research of the above subject that the information of vacancies of teachers of Std. 1 to 8 and subject wise vacancies of teachers of Std.  

The option of inclusion in is to prepare the attached Form 1 and I along with the teachers working in the position after the completion of the camp and also to send this office to Shruti font (PDF and JPEG) on 10/05/2071 by 2:00 pm in Excel file.  Do not send) Please send a copy by post to the e-mail address given below.  

As this information has been sought in the context of the forthcoming recruitment process, it is requested that the District Primary Education Officer personally check it carefully and prepare it keeping in view the instruction given in the note below the form as well as see that the time limit of the required details is maintained.  

Art Gujarat School Education Council _L Complete Education Jayshree Dewangan, G.A.S.  State Project Office, Sector-16AD, State Project Director, Gandhinagar-2018, Gujarat, Samagra Shiksha Phone: (07) 517 E - mail: aspdssaguj@gmail.com Number:

Samagra Shiksha 2031 / Kovid-15) 20  Ta.  Per 1B 2091 por los Per, (1) District Project Coordinator and District Education Officer District Primary Education Officer, District Education Officer's Office, District Project Office, Dist. All District Additional District Project Coordinator and Govt. Officer, Ahmedabad: Corporation:  , Surat, Vadodara 

Subject: Reference: At school level during the summer vacation of the academic year 2020-21 (dt. 05.03.2011 to dt. 05.03.2021) regarding project implementation work (1) Resolution No. of Education Department, Government of Gujarat:  Mashab / 12 20/2 / Dt.  8.04.2021 (2) Office No: ssA / Mis / 2021 / 14813-879 Dt. 20/05/2031 Dt.

👉 લાયર બર્ડનો વિડીયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

👉 અહીંથી આવાજ સાંભળી શકો છો

And according to the context, to state that, Resolution No. of the Department of Education, Government of Gujarat: Mashab / 150/6 / six from 8.09.2021 to summer vacation in schools in the academic year 2060-21 from 08.02.2011 to 05.02.  

Announced during 2011.  In order to control the global epidemic caused by the transmission of Corona virus (COVID.19) as per the instructions given in this resolution, the state government and local bodies have decided to hire an academic / non-academic staff / officer from government and private primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in the state.

Academic and non-academic staff / officers who have not been assigned any work to the officers will not have to come to the school.  However, all instructions issued by the State Government and / or local authorities shall be strictly followed.  

Feature Post.

Higher Secondary GIA Candidate Waiting List

    Letest news,all information about tat GiaBharti 2021,GIA HS Qualified waiting 2021  Testing can teach the Gita. Kill the terrible monste...

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